Here are some tools and resources I recommend for…

Building your Social Media Profile:



Twitter FollowersGet Influential: How I built a Twitter following of 5,000 in under five months and how you can too by Rebecca Elvy

Find out exactly how I built my Twitter account from day one, to five thousand follows: daily maintenance processes, content creation, curation, engagement, analytics and more. I also share my mindset, philosophy and some preparation and planning you should do before you start.



ManageFlitter Resources

Build your Twitter account with ManageFlitter*

I use ManageFlitter to handle the maintenance of my Twitter account – who to follow, who to stop following, and to keep track of my Influence rankings.

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Patreon Resources


Get paid to create! If you’re in the content creation business – or pretty much any form of creation, you can create a community of patrons who will pay you for your work.

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Meet Edgar*MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar has become my absolute go-to scheduling app. It’s packed with great features, like automated RSS feeds that you then get to either accept or reject before sharing, you can set the time of your posts, or have it randomised, and it works with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – taking all the hassle out of keeping your social profiles updated.

If you sign up using the link on this page, you’ll get $10 off your first month’s subscription! What are you waiting for!

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