Creating enlightened organisations…

It was Einstein who said “we cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”. Never has this been more true than it is today.

There is growing evidence that human beings are evolving to higher levels of consciousness: we are able to hold apparent contradictions more lightly, we can sense our interconnectedness with each other and the world around us, and we can make sense of ever more complex systems and processes. We are seeing the world is less black and white, and more shades of grey.

While this occurs for individuals like you and me… it also begins to happen for collectives: for families, for communities, for organisations and even for nations.

Shepherding evolutionary change at the individual level is tricky. Clever people like Nicholas Petrie, Jennifer Garvey Berger, and Robert Kegan are leading the way in this field. It’s exciting to see.

I am determined to ensure there are opportunities for the potential unleashed by evolved human minds to operate at scale… through the institutions, companies, agencies and workplaces that most of us offer our talents to the world.

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