Powerlessness: Wasting Time on Inert Emotional Banter

Powerlessness and Personal Agency Do you generally believe that you are in control of your own life?  Or are you a victim of circumstance? In psychological terms, everyone can be placed somewhere along a spectrum from one extreme end to the other, and everywhere in between.  At the ‘victim of circumstance’ end are a special subset … Read more Powerlessness: Wasting Time on Inert Emotional Banter

Why Communication is so Hard: 7 Things to Improve

Why Communication is Hard Communication (or lack of it) is the most frequently cited cause of workplace dissatisfaction, disengagement and frustration.  It can lead to relationship breakdowns, corporate collapses and world wars. In a recent “Wait But Why” post about Elon Musk’s latest big idea, Tim Urban provided a deceptively simple explanation of why communication between … Read more Why Communication is so Hard: 7 Things to Improve

Who’s Really in Charge of your Decisions?

I want to share two life changing reasons for why you should become more deliberate in your decision making. Brain = Automation Engine Your brain will avoid work at all costs.  Seriously.  It will go out of its way to do less. One of the brilliant hacks your brain has is its ability to tune out … Read more Who’s Really in Charge of your Decisions?

When Busy-ness Hides Laziness

How can you be busy and lazy at the same time? You can’t? You bet you can! The best example I’ve come across for this was on a big IT project I was involved in. Projects that are formally/mechanically managed are fairly typical in IT and construction.  Project management provides a set of tools and … Read more When Busy-ness Hides Laziness

Laziness: The Human Condition?

It is simply a fact that, in general, human beings naturally prefer to take the shortest, simplest, easiest path between two points. You could even say, laziness defines us. At school, the majority of students find the easiest (least effort) way to get the results they want.  Not only academically, but also in terms of … Read more Laziness: The Human Condition?

The Remoteness of Remote Work

Many people (and particularly technology companies) have written about the ways technology will change the nature of work.  In particular, there has been a great deal of discussion about the impact of remote work on problems like traffic congestion, corporate overheads, carbon emissions and so on.  But this emphasis on the positive impact technology will … Read more The Remoteness of Remote Work

Let’s Change the World

I am a human systems strategist committed to making organisations and individuals more effective through the power of mindful, insightful and proactive leadership. I believe we can change the world if we put our minds to it. I fundamentally believe that all people have the potential within them to achieve greatness.  With my insights into … Read more Let’s Change the World