Picking Up Where We Left Off… Like Old Friends

Picking Up
'Each project, I suffer like I'm starting over again in life. There's a lot of healthy insecurity that fuels this stuff.' ~ Frank GehryClick To Tweet


When I published my book in June I was exhausted. I felt like I’d put all my best ideas and work out on the table… laid it all bare for everyone to see… and yet I knew in my heart of hearts that wasn’t true.

Still, I lost my mojo.

I procrastinated.

Probably I secretly hoped that my book would be a runaway best-seller and I’d be shot to instant super-stardom (it didn’t and I wasn’t).

Or maybe I genuinely needed to recharge creatively. If so, that’s quite interesting. I know more about myself than I did before.

Work got busy. Mr Four became Mr Five and started school. Our routines changed. Seasons came and went.

But I’m still here.


What was interesting was the sense of obligation I felt to those who read this blog. I was worried about those who might be waiting for the next post. For those I’d made commitments to – who’d invested time in me and the work.

But what’s been nice is that I’ve learned three things:

  • You all coped perfectly well (calm down Rebecca’s ego – it’s not all about you!)
  • Commitments can still be kept… better late than never
  • I coped perfectly well too!

Picking Up Again

It’s OK to take a break. Sometimes you need to.

But I’m also glad to be back. I don’t think this blog will be quite the same now – hopefully it will be better. Wiser, maybe?

More real and more clear?

I feel more connected with what I can help with, and who I can help. Less about me, and more about you.

…Like Old Friends

They say true friends can go years without seeing one another, and pick up exactly where they left off…

Well it’s been six months. Thank you for being so patient with me. I hope we’ll see a lot more of each other in the coming year.

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2 thoughts on “Picking Up Where We Left Off… Like Old Friends”

  1. Dear Rebecca,
    It’s good to see you back, recharged. And you’re right. We’re still here – and looking forward to inspiring interaction in the year to come.
    Happy New Year – may it become a wonderful one!
    All the best,


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