Top Socially-Shared Leadership Blogs Of 2018 – Thanks!

I was planning to write an article today about how to find your mission

So I’m really sorry if you came here to find that – you’ll need to just wait a few more days!

Instead I would like to say an enormous thank you for your support.


Because I learned today that I am listed #66 on the Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness Top Socially-Shared Leadership Blogs Of 2018!

Top Socially-Shared Leadership Blogs Of 2018

The 107 articles I wrote during the period covered by CMOE’s analysis were shared a total of 2,128 times.

That’s 847 shares on Facebook, 571 shares on Twitter and 952 shares on LinkedIn.

You guys rock! Thank you sooo much!

I feel very humbled. There are some impressive names on this list – I’m not quite sure how it happened! I get to put a pretty badge on my site and everything!

'Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.' ~ Marcus Tullius CiceroClick To Tweet


The First Time Manager’s Crash Course – Part Two

The First Time Manager’s Crash Course Part One and Part Two are out now on Skillshare.

These are the first two in a series of three programmes aimed at first time managers, helping them bridge the gap between the technical skills and processes that their employer (hopefully) is providing, and the leadership skills and insights they need to develop to be effective managers.

This course is for anyone who aspires to manage other people – whether in a formal management or team leadership role, or as a project manager without ongoing human resource management responsibility.

More importantly, it’s for those who have just been – or are about to be – appointed to one of these roles and are a bit anxious about what is involved.

Follow this link to get your first two months subscription for free…

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