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Today I’d like to invite you to tell me a little more about yourself, and help me shape this site into something that truly adds value for you.

Please complete my “seeking feedback poll”. It’s short, sweet, and will ensure that what I’m doing is valuable to you! There’s only seven questions – it won’t take long, and it will be extremely helpful to me – and by delivering more of what you want, it will also be helpful to you!

Seeking Feedback Poll

First… a bit about how I can help you

Which of the following topics would you like to read articles about? (Choose up to 3)

Which of the following would be useful to you? (Choose up to 5)

Next… a bit about you

A note about privacy

I respect your privacy, and will not use the information you provide here for any other purpose than to improve the services and information I create on this website. The data you provide will not be recorded or retained other than in aggregate form with all the other answers provided. I will not be able to analyse the data at the level of the individual respondent, because the tool I’m using creates an individual survey for each question. If you have any questions or need any additional information, please contact me.

Which of the following best describes your professional position?

Which of the following best describes your level of education?

Which of the following age brackets do you belong to?

Which of the following best describes your gender?

How much do you spend each year on your personal development (including books, courses, conferences, coaching)?

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Leading From Within – Getting Started

High AchieverCan you imagine what would happen if all the high achievers in the world actually stood up and were counted? Little problems, big problems, global problems, local problems… they’d all become things that could be solved. Not quickly, but gradually,

To whet your appetite, I’ve created a little sneak peak of the system I’ve created to do just that. It’s an ebook called Leading From Within: Getting Started.

You can get it in three different ways, depending on your preference:

But whatever you do, don’t settle for another year of feeling unfulfilled. It’s a massive waste, considering your talent, skill and experience.

Let’s make a difference, and get something happening!

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