“What’s the Point?” – When Motivation Fails

Whats the point

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” ~ Zig Ziglar

Just back from a week’s holiday in Sydney with our charming but wilful four-year-old… I’m not sure I have any oomph left. It feels like the run down to Christmas. Like I should be able to coast for the next few weeks, and that would be OK…


But I also know that if I do that (and let’s face it, I could if I wanted to) I will be disappointed in myself: I won’t feel a sense of progress; and won’t be any closer to my goals; and I won’t feel good about enjoying the extra mental space that ‘taking a break’ would create. It won’t be helpful for my motivation.

I know this. I know this.

But the real question is, do I feel it?

Reasons to stop…

I can think of numerous reasons why I should stop. I’ll share some of them with you.

It’s lonely…

I don’t get much feedback from you guys. I don’t mean that in an accusatory way… you have to be pretty moved to reach out to someone you don’t know across the ether and tell them you liked or didn’t like something they’ve created. Who has time for that?

My proxy for your feedback is page views… the number of times each day that someone takes a look at my website. Hopefully they read it. But I can’t actually tell… so page views it is.

The last few weeks have been awesome from a views perspective… each day was about 100 page views. Believe it or not, this is high for me. My highest ever day – the high-water mark if you will – is 214 page views. So a consistent string of 100-plus days should be motivation to keep going, right?

WRONG! Partly because of where my head is right now, I know that those page views… most of them… came from the UK where a post I wrote on 18 November 2017 went a bit viral. Just a bit. 10 Ways to Make a Terrible First Impression. I promoted it on Facebook to the tune of $5 a day, which got it in front of new people – which is great… but as soon as I stopped promoting it, it stopped being read.

Was it actually a good post? Or just a click-baity headline?

It’s hard work…

On top of a full-time day job, on top of being parent to a full-time active wee dude… this gig takes up most of my spare time.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve set boundaries. I always do bedtime stories and songs with my boy. Weekends have a fair bit of time carved out for family activities, but outside of that, all my time is on this. It is my hobby. And my relaxation time. And my personal development time. And my creative time.


It takes a lot of mental and physical energy to keep up the output. This is a photo of my publishing and promotion calendar.

This doesn’t include my scheduled time for book writing, which is another 45 minutes a day, six days a week.

It’s expensive…

I suppose like most hobbies… it sucks up a fair bit of cash. Web-hosting, subscriptions to services that assist with managing social media or creating content, the occasional non-free stock-photo, promotion, and the one-off costs for equipment (I’ve bought a refurbished MacBook, a decent webcam and a pretty good USB microphone so I can record videos, podcasts, and participate in coaching calls online).

Other than buying books and journals, I’ve never had a particularly expensive hobby, so I don’t mind too much. But still… other than the sunk costs (which any economist will tell you shouldn’t guide your decision making) it all adds up.

Goodness knows I could take up knitting or crochet and still have some spare cash left over for cupcakes!

… time to find some good questions!

Seems to me like it’s time to find some good questions to refuel my motivation… or not.

If I had the answers today, I wouldn’t have needed to write this post. So I’m going to do some head-work. Maybe some journalling. Some reading. Some thinking.

Stay tuned…

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