“Get Influential” Your Guide to Building a Twitter Following

In a bit of a departure from our usual discussions, I want to give you a sneak peak at my upcoming eBook Get Influential: How I built a Twitter following of 5,000 in under five months and how you can too.

In the process of building an engaged community of leadership enthusiasts, I have learned a lot about social media, including how to build a Twitter following reasonably quickly.

When I started, I never imagined that I would build a following of 5,000 in less than five months – so I decided to write a step by step guide showing exactly how I achieved it, and make it available to other people interested in doing the same thing.

Why Twitter?

Every single day I learn something from my Twitter community. I have followers who let me know I’ve made a typo on my blog. I have followers who elaborate on a topic in a post, or draw my attention to a quote about the same topic that might be useful. I follow people who write phenomenal articles about leadership that inspire me, and create connections and linkages between disparate ideas that I wouldn’t have otherwise seen.

More importantly, Twitter is a place of generosity.  It is teeming with people who are helpful, and thoughtful and kind. I have been overwhelmed by the support and generosity I have found there on this journey. Hopefully I have also been able to reciprocate.

Finally, leadership is all about influence – so as a leader, what better way to explore your own personal influence than by reaching out into the world to test your ideas on real world problems!

What’s in the Book?

Twitter is a pretty phenomenal tool for connecting with people – every day, approximately 500 million messages of 140 characters or less are sent by Twitter members to their followers.

Twitter Following

With about 300 million active monthly users, there is a community out there for every niche you can imagine, with issues and problems you can help solve, connections you can make, and audiences you can reach.

The average Twitter account has 200 followers… so how can you reach more people interested in what you are interested in? This book shows you how.

My Twitter Philosophy

I share my thought processes and approach to building engagement. From spending time properly preparing before you start, to growing with your audience and being responsive to their feedback about what’s working.

Twitter Following Rainstorm

My Exact Process

This book tells you exactly what I did, with very specific details including:

  • Daily and weekly processes I used to maintain my account
  • Apps and services I used and why
  • How to find an audience
  • How to curate and share content your audience will respond to

I also outline how my approach had to adjust as my followership grew – what worked in the beginning didn’t work as the size of my Twitter account grew.

Tips and Hints

I’ve taken the guesswork and trial-and-error out of the process for you, given you the outcomes of my experiments, and turned that into a handy step-by-step guide, including a glossary of common terms, information on useful (and not-so-useful) metrics, and a list of services and apps that help, including their current subscription costs where relevant.

Twitter Followers Edit

Buy it now!

Twitter FollowersSo you can get started building your own Twitter following as soon as possible, you can buy it direct from me here or from Amazon.com.

I know that you can gain as much enjoyment and growth from building your own Twitter following as I have – so I’m really pleased to be able to share this book with you, because I know how much I wish I’d had a book like this when I started out!

Leadership Possibilities

I want to help you to lead.  Not from a position of power, but from exactly where you are now.

So I’m writing a book specifically for you.  It’ll be out early next year (28 February 2018 to be precise).

If you’d like to know more, please sign up for my newsletter (I don’t spam, just a weekly newsletter) where I’ll keep you up to date on progress, test some ideas, and even share a preview or two as we get closer to launch-day.

Let’s do this!

3 thoughts on ““Get Influential” Your Guide to Building a Twitter Following”

  1. The funny thing is – eventhough the title is “Get Influential”, it could in a manner of speaking equally well have been “Get a Clue” – or at least have had it as subtitle, because this is the text I would have liked to read at the time when I started with Twitter. At that time, I was clueless with regards to what Twitter was and what it could be used to, and you gently and effectively take me through all the way from creating a Twitter account up until what I should do to maintain and groom my account, come the time where I might get 5000+ followers. Lots of things I would have benefitted from knowing earlier – lots of things will still come in handy, and I have no doubt that it will work to 5000+ followers – your own example proves it.
    I am afraid that I personally fail already on page 2 – because I still at current time am not really clear about, what I even want to build a following around. On one hand, I find the thought of building a following around ‘stuff I find interesting’ a cool one. On the other hand, I find Twitter “as a generous twoway engagement with those who clearly share my interests”, occasionally taking it elsewhere to more-than-140 character universes (such as here) even cooler. I think I am currently coming to the conclusion that the two can coexist, because only few in the following around stuff I find interesting are comfortable with getting into the generous twoway engagement. So who knows? Wherever I am going, I am now confident that you have given me the tools I need.


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