Possibilities: Why I Love Books (and Journals)


“We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Unity Books, Wellington

My local bookshop, Unity, has to be one of my favourite places in the whole world.  Small enough to be personal, but big enough to have so many books and choices I’ll never run out of options to browse.

I’ve bought more books in my lifetime than I have read.  Which means that I have a significant number of books on my bookshelves that I haven’t read.  Yet.

I also have a mild compulsive habit of buying nice journals.  Many of which I haven’t started using.  Yet.

Books and Journals – Leadership Tools with Possibilities

My mum raised me to love reading.  Books were everywhere.  Visits to the public library were frequent.  Books were revered and treasured.  I got busted (more than once) reading under the covers with my torch when I was supposed to be asleep.

I still love reading.

I love reading for the possibilities it offers:  to learn more, to grow more, to be more.  To be inspired by the best minds in the world.  To access the latest knowledge and developments.  To travel the world without leaving the house.

Journal PossibilitiesI feel the same way about journalling, but for slightly different reasons.

Journalling gives me access to my own mind.  A literal stream of consciousness.  Things that worry me, or excite me, or stump me, all benefit from a good journalling session.  It triggers gratitude.  And it records my progress.  Most importantly, journalling enables me to ask myself some pretty deep questions, and embed learning that would otherwise not be applied.

Unread Books – Future Possibilities

Possibilities BooksFunnily enough, I enjoy looking at the books on my shelf that I haven’t read more than the ones that I have.

An unread book has more possibilities.  It may be that I read it on holiday, relaxing in a foreign city after a solid day’s sight-seeing.  It might be that I read it on a flight to somewhere exciting – like a conference.  I might read it curled up on my sofa on a rainy day, when there is nothing else I need to be doing.  And perhaps best of all, I might read it and discover it contains something magical that I didn’t know.

I harbour a quiet desire to take a whole month vacation at some point and just read those unread books.  But part of me wonders if I’d be disappointed afterwards…

Oh well, I needed an excuse to buy another book!

As a leader, my go-to lessons come from books.  You cannot always access the guru or the coach when you need them – but books are available any time.  Leaders are readers, after all!

Unwritten Journals – Unexplored Possibilities

A blank journal holds unlimited possibilities to me.  A project that needs planning.  A year that needs recording.  A book that needs writing.  A goal that needs defining.  A problem that needs solving.

Some are lined, some a dotted, some are squared, and some are blank.  Some even have ‘structure’ (like dates and prompts).  It makes no difference to me – they all are welcome.  My favourite is Leuchtturm1917*.  The whole range is simple, well constructed and just plain lovely.

Journalling has helped me through some of the biggest challenges of my life, and recorded some of the most precious events and details.

As a leader, I use a journal to plan the big tasks I need to accomplish, to keep track of the decisions I make and the things we get done, and to reflect on my own performance, impact and effectiveness.

*  *  *

Leadership Possibilities

I want to help you to lead.  Not from a position of power, but from exactly where you are now.

So I’m going to write a book specifically for you.  It’ll be out early next year (28 February 2018 to be precise).

If you’d like to know more, please sign up for my newsletter (I don’t spam, just a weekly newsletter) where I’ll keep you up to date on progress, test some ideas, and even share a preview or two as we get closer to launch-day.

Let’s do this!

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4 thoughts on “Possibilities: Why I Love Books (and Journals)”

  1. As mentioned on Twitter: I understand you so completely that it’s almost scary. If I had been sufficiently eloquent, I could have shared the exact same feelings. And I have to admit – especially on the ‘unwritten journals’-part, I thought I was all alone.

    • One of my favourite daydreams is to own a bookshop and have a house big enough to have a room just for books (also known as a Library). With a chair. And maybe to own shares in Leuchtturm 1917…

      Thanks for stopping by Henrik, and lovely to meet you!

      • Well – here we have a room which was intended as a “work-from-home office” / library. Problem is, with all the stuff that has been cramped in there it looks more like a overused storeroom/attic. (^=
        Lovely to meet you, too, Rebecca – and rest assured: I’ll keep stopping by.

      • It’s a wonderful daydream. I hope that all of it will come true for you (just as I hope someday to have enough space to separate “the library” from “the storeroom” – and have space enough in the former to have a real chair)


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