Let’s Change the World

I am a human systems strategist committed to making organisations and individuals more effective through the power of mindful, insightful and proactive leadership. I believe we can change the world if we put our minds to it.

I fundamentally believe that all people have the potential within them to achieve greatness.  With my insights into the way systems work (and how to change them), how people communicate, and the way our own brains work (or don’t work) I strive to unleash this potential for the benefit of humankind.

Growing up under the hole in the ozone layer, I distinctly remember as a child, the powerlessness of childhood, when there is a problem that seems so big – beyond our own power to resolve.  And then the ‘powers that be’ banned the use of CFCs.  The ozone layer healed itself and the power of optimism was born in me.

Change the World
Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy

There are plenty of things in the world to worry about – and some of them you can do something about (actually any of them, but only if you’re prepared to not do something else).  For the rest, have hope and optimism in your fellow human beings, and get on with making the very best of the cards you have been dealt.  Within that hand lies the power to make a real difference – to your life, to the lives of your family and friends, and potentially to the lives of millions of people all around the world.

Come with me.  Let’s change the world.


I’m also a dabbler, experimenter and all round tinkerer – so I’ll also be posting about stuff that I find interesting in the hope that others will too!

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