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Get Influential Resources

Get Influential: How I built a Twitter following of 5,000 in under five months and how you can too by Rebecca Elvy

Find out exactly how I built my Twitter account from day one, to five thousand follows: daily maintenance processes, content creation, curation, engagement, analytics and more. I also share my mindset, philosophy and some preparation and planning you should do before you start.



ManageFlitter Resources

Build your Twitter account with ManageFlitter*

I use ManageFlitter to handle the maintenance of my Twitter account – who to follow, who to stop following, and to keep track of my Influence rankings.

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Patreon Resources


Get paid to create! If you’re in the content creation business – or pretty much any form of creation, you can create a community of patrons who will pay you for your work.

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Social Jukebox Resources

Social Jukebox

Automate your evergreen content to social media…

Then sit back and create!